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Welcome to Lorraine Surgical Supply Company.

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Lorraine Surgical Supply is a privately owned corporation dedicated to providing home care customers with quality healthcare equipment and services. We specialize in the rental, sale, and service of a wide variety of durable medical equipment, incontinence products, diabetic supplies and nutritional supplementation.

Lorraine Surgical Supply prides itself on its staff of highly motivated and carefully trained home care professionals; people who know and understand your needs and respond to them in a personal and friendly manner. These include equipment specialists, customer service representatives, and billing specialists. Our staff works together as a team to provide the finest customer care available.

At Lorraine Surgical Supply, we accept only those customers whose health care can be properly met by the services we offer and by the area we serve. We deliver all our products and services to customers in the metropolitan area of Cleveland, Ohio, as well as the entire state of Ohio.

Lorraine Surgical Supply is proud to let you know that we offer:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Delivery & Repair Services
  • Equipment Set-Up & Instruction
  • Reimbursement Assistance

We are pleased that you have chosen Lorraine Surgical Supply. You can be assured that through caring, concern, and dedication, we strive to achieve a higher quality of life for the customers we serve.

Lorraine Surgical Supply - Cleveland, Ohio